The Comedian

Dark Tunnel
When the comedian lost his touch

When the comedian frustrate
When the comedian lost his inspiration
When the comedian lost people’s laughter

Is it the end of the world?
Feels like trapped in the dark tunnel
But someone open up his eyes
To raise up and keep walking
To find the way out of this dark tunnel

He struggle to find the way out
Finally the comedian see the light
And running to the light
Yap he found the way out
see the sunlight, green grass, and flowers
now he’s free and come back

Now he learn just to be himself
No need to become another persons
Because people love just the way himself
Now the comedian can smile and share the laugh
With pride I say, "I am The Comedian"


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Tolong berkomentar yang baik, becanda sih boleh tapi tidak harus menggunakan kata-kata kasar ya kan :)